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Well, today was the most productive day I've had in a while.

  • New business cards and logo are done, thanks to [ profile] crazycathie

  • Finally, finally got bitcoind upgraded and working everywhere, with only minor problems with dependencies and Debian's version of the Berkeley DB development headers

  • Made a long post about Braille playing cards to [community profile] accessibility_win

  • Made a long and uncomfortable post about medical issues, depression, motivation, and other things in this thread

  • Figured out how to make forward-only email addresses in Citadel.

  • Figured out how to make forward-only email addresses in Citadel that actually work.

  • Some packages I've been waiting on for a few weeks finally shipped. Now only to get them through customs!

  • Spent an hour staring at the documentation for SPF records. Remembered why I don't use SPF records. Whitelisted some IP addresses in Google Apps. Pretended that solved the problem.

  • Fixed up some A-records that I didn't even realize were broken and changed dynamic DNS, so the root of several domains no longer points to a random residential IP address that doesn't even have any open ports. Go me! Remind me why I'm allowed to be in charge of servers, again?

  • Looked for the cat. Could not find the cat. Did not pet the cat. Felt briefly sad.

  • Tread-milled because it's cloudy and yucky outside.

  • A real estate agent came to drop off some information. He'll be back tomorrow. Boo.

  • Added a dentist appointment to my iCal. Double boo.

  • Did a bunch of bitcoin related administrivia.

I still have some time and energy left, so I'm off to try my hand at fixing a Drupal upgrade failure that I promised I was going to fix 4 months ago. *deep sigh* Why is Drupal so cranky and needy? After that, I'll enjoy some baseball, and then crash, perhaps with the help of a sleeping pill thanks to the recent insomnia.
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