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So, the machines I was waiting for arrived. Off to install 'em tomorrow! Spent all day getting stuff ready for that, and reading a strange fanfic called An Alien Walks Amongst Us. The most notable thing about this one is the strange pronoun choice. It switches points of view frequently, but calls each one of them "you" instead of "me". As in:

You all nod your heads at that.  You take out your map, looking at where you are.  Everypony comes up, taking a look.

Wait, who is you, and who are everypony else? Is there more than 1 of you? Is you me? No, you are clearly Lyra, and some of her friends, in this case. So hopefully there is more than one of you. You don't get it. The author just uses the word "you" for the point of view character and her friends because of reasons that you don't understand at all. Other than that, it's a pretty standard My Little Pony humans in Equestria fic. Why do I read these? After 3 hours of reading this fic, I now really feel like that should say "Why do you read these?" Because the broken pronouns are breaking my brain. It isn't like there is other grammar or writing fail here, so the author does know the rules she's violating. So It's definitely intentional strange. But...I've never read the plural you before. Or singular you, used in quite that fashion, either.
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