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Friday, April 4th, 2014

So, apparently we're doing this. Spent time meeting with real estate agents. Figuring out what needs to be done to the house on Wednesday. I was born here and lived here all my life and moving is terrifying! *moans*

On a slightly unrelated rant, Why why why why can't Drupal be as nice and easy as Wordpress? I host the blog for [ profile] crazycathie. I vaguely remember that 3 years ago she wanted it to cross post everything to live journal for some reason or other. Apparently, that still works. I haven't touched it in well over a year and a half. It's all up to date, the spam filtering is still working, Live Journal and Facebook are still crossposting, everything stays up to date automatically without constantly failing, and I don't get any complaints about it, even when I move it from one server to another. The only time I had to touch it was to make some tiny ambiguous one-line change to a theme to do something I can't even remember. Or was that a different Wordpress that I never have to touch, either? Anyway, compare that to Drupal. Every single week it has a module with a failing update, or a core update that can't be applied automatically, or a database update that fails, or a spammer gets in and makes a mess, or something else needs to be jiggered and poked. And Drupal 8 doesn't look like it will fix any of that. But it will break everyone's Modules, just like drupal 7 did! How glorious. If Wordpress supported content types and payment gateways, I would just throw up my hands and use it for everything. As it is, I just have to keep screaming with irritation, and telling people that I don't have time for this right now.


Now baseball and bed.
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