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Created on 2014-04-01 00:37:15 (#2233972), last updated 2014-04-09 (180 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 20
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I'm a lover of science fiction and fantasy books. The works I escape into most frequently are the Harry Potter series, the works of Robert Heinlein, and Piers Anthony. But I can't stand The Lord of the Rings; I find them plodding and dull. I like Star Trek The Original Series, and largely ignore the rest of it, accept for TNG. Reboot? What reboot? I like all 3 of the Star Wars movies, as well as the audio dramas produced by NPR.

I read a lot of fanfic. Like, probably more fanfic than is healthy. I even read fanfic for things that I'm not even a fan of! My Little Pony is the worst offender for having fics that suck me in even though I know nothing about the original series, and have no plans to ever get into it. Portal, Twilight, and The Hunger Games also frequently do this to me. In general, I won't touch a fic unless it's at least 70 thousand words or so, and has been updated in the last year. I almost never read adult fanfic, with a few exceptions. I rarely read slash or femslash, unless it's canonical slash, or it isn't a major part of the story. This is largely because I'm not usually interested in explicit content or shipping, not because of any qualms with the subject matter. I never review, because I rarely have anything substantive to say about the fic I just gulped down in the course of an afternoon. I use text to speech to read fanfics, and keep it at around 600 words per minute, giving me a horrible tendency to go for quantity over quality. I get audiobooks of most of the books I read, so I'm much more fussy about them.

I'm a licensed amateur radio operator with the call VA3SEP. I collect old radio broadcasts, and am especially interested in historical audio relating to World War II and manned spaceflight.

Oh! My vitals. Right, I guess I should, in case anyone cares and yet can't be bothered to go hunt down my extremely public Facebook profile. So, I'm 26, male, Canadian, completely blind, single, have brown hair and eyes, and am of average height and build. Does that cover it? I think so.
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