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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 06:32 pm
[personal profile] fastfinge
Yeah, that is the sound of spring springing at last! Got to go out for a walk in my spring jacket over lunch. And to think, 2 years ago at this time, we had already had several BBQs on the porch. So: was today more productive than yesterday? Well, meh. Look on the mighty record of my accomplishments, ye slackers, and sympathize:

  • Recced Browncoat, Green Eyes to [community profile] crossovers, because it's a classic, and I was in a Firefly kind of mood

  • The 10 decks of braille playing cards I ordered from Amazon arrived in the mail. If you need braille playing cards, order these! Specialty stores want like $25 for a single braille deck, and these are like $9, and better quality. Would order again!

  • Got the accounting done for this month

  • Got involved in this thread that started off being about places to get described TV, and drifted off into discussing My Little Pony fanfics, how bad Doctor Who novels are, and why people shouldn't call things they dislike gay. Yay for topic drift that's almost entirely my fault!

  • Read a bit more of Harry, a History. Not enjoying it as much as I expected to, honestly.

  • Talked about logos for the business cards. Hopefully we'll be printing new ones tomorrow or Saturday

And now I'm going to listen to the baseball on the fan, and head to bed. Impressive, huh? Things have been kind of in a lull this week. Next week and the week after are going to be crazy busy, though. I wish I could spread some of that stuff into now!
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